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Fliegl Rear tipper Pack v1.0
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Fliegl Rear tipper Pack v1.0

Fliegl Rear tipper Pack
4-axle bogie and 2-axle trailer
Ladevolumen each 48,000 liters
Fruit: bulk
Price: per 28,560, - €
upkeep: 5, - €


  • Thevoid
    2016-12-30 18:01
    Hey. I just downloaded this 2 trailer pack today only to discover that they don't load silage directly from the forager. Tried on SP with and without a worker in the machine and neither seems to work. The forager pipe does follow the trailers but won't empty into them. Otherwise I like them.
  • Thevoid
    2016-12-30 18:04
    Sorry, I should add that neither the tandem or quad axle works.
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