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Follow Me FS17 v1.2.1.40
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Follow Me FS17 v1.2.1.40

Ever wanted to have some vehicles follow you around the map?
With "Follow Me" you can (though not backwards driving).

Changelog (
- Translations updated by contributors.
- Support for baler-and-wrapper combination; FBP 3135 (Kuhn DLC).
- Increased starting distance to 20, from 10.
- Fix for saving/loading distance and offset between savegame-sessions.

Default control keys:
'Myself' is the current vehicle
RIGHT-CTRL F = Toggle 'FollowMe' on/off
RIGHT-CTRL H = Wait/Resume
RIGHT-CTRL W/S = Distance increase/decrease
RIGHT-CTRL A/D = Offset left/right adjust
RIGHT-CTRL X = Offset reset or hold for invert

'Behind' the followed vehicle
RIGHT-SHIFT F = Disengage 'FollowMe'
RIGHT-SHIFT H = Wait/Resume
RIGHT-SHIFT W/S = Distance increase/decrease
RIGHT-SHIFT A/D = Offset left/right adjust
RIGHT-SHIFT X = Offset reset or hold for invert

Decker_MMIV (DCK)

  • Rick33240
    2017-09-25 07:31
    Can someone tell me how to make this mod work?
  • Nikki
    2017-10-04 21:19
    I figured it out, first park two vehicles front to back, get in the rear vehicle and hit Right-CTRL-F and then exit the vehicle get into the front vehicle and just drive and the other vehicle will follow you. Unsure as to the offsets or cancelling follow Still working on that.
  • Bubaj
    2018-03-17 15:42
    is there on on xbox because i cant download this
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