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Fontaine Magnitude 55HH v1.0.0
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Fontaine Magnitude 55HH v1.0.0

This is Fuct'd get it right or well get Fuct'd.

1. FS17 Fontaine Magnitude 55 DECK
Fontaine Magnitude 55 Lowboy Deck. This mod has an extended deck, strobe lights, has wide load warning signs,it gets DIRTY. It will haul your biggest and widest loads.

2. FS17 Fontaine Magnitude 55 NECK
Fontaine Magnitude 55 Lowboy Neck. This mod has a locking script for the neck to line up correctly, it also has mouse controls to lower/raise the neck on the truck. its gets DIRTY.

3. FS17 Fontaine Magnitude 55HH NECK


  • Herrrderrr
    2017-05-12 06:15 Send message
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    why would you reupload this.....
  • Me


    2017-05-14 22:14 Send message
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    right. it was already out. could have done better pics of it at least.
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