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Forage Storage Placeable v2
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Forage Storage Placeable v2

Just because you can store crop on the ground, dont mean you should have to. Is your cow silage bunker full? are your cows fed to capacity? or is your MixStation and/or MixWagon full? Looking for a place to store that extra grass, chaff or TMR? look no further. I present to you the ingame HayLoft converted to store Grass, Chaff and Total Mixed Rations (TMR)

This does not add more storage options to default, it REPLACES them. ONLY grass, chaff or Total Mixed Rations (TMR - a.k.a forage) can be stored here. NOT dryGrass(Hay) or straw

Changed the default texture to make it distinguishable without the need for a sign.


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