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Ford 4000 Rusty Barn Project v1.0
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Ford 4000 Rusty Barn Project v1.0

This is a rusty old Ford 4000 thats been sat in the barn for years, covered in clutter and covered in dust.
After a baking hot summer, and vintage tractors starting to come back into fashion I thought it would be good
to get the old girl running and spruce her up a bit with some new shoes and some more horses under the bonnet!

There are 3 enginge configurations to choose from:

1. Ford 4000 Engine - 194hp
2. Ford 5000 Engine - 211hp
3. Ford 7000 Turbo Engine - 480hp!

She was a good little workhorse on the farm, and having added the new engine and wheels she pulls like an absolute train!
There is no job too small for her, she will go anywhere you want her too and can be pushed hard!

Featuring REAL LIFE start up and idleing sounds from a real Ford 4000.
Credits to VEGUETA Alali/rafazr, Johny77 for the original mod.
It has 1 LUA error from the conbversion but its an index that doesn't exist so Im not sure on how to clear it.

FLUSTY94, VEGUETA, Alali/rafazr, Johny77

  • Sturdy
    2017-09-24 05:57
    a lot of mistakes !!!
  • Flusty94
    2017-09-24 10:43
    well no Sturdy, there's only compatibility issues for the textures as some are raw format .jpeg .bmp etc.....most of the errors it throws up for servers are spaces in the folder names and invalid characters.... all of which has been done before the conversion, therefore that is the orignal mod creators problemand there's only 1 lua error which is a non existent index...so no.... not a lot of mistakes actually you fucking bellend
  • Piece of shit mod
    2017-10-01 09:43
    this mod is fucking stupid.
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