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Ford f350 regularcab v1.0
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Ford f350 regularcab v1.0

hello once more farmers
Here I present a new mod
Ford f350 regular cab

store data:
price: 28000
speed: 123 mh
engine: 200 hp
wheels: two types of wheels to choose
Choice of Color
- Dirt / washable

vegueta,expendable moding

  • Tb


    2018-11-17 08:49 Send message
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    This shit pisses me the fuck off.
  • Chris7727
    2018-11-17 13:42 Send message
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    who ever posted this is trash....grow the fuck up and stop being a mod leaking pussy..
  • @the above comments
    2018-11-17 14:52 Send message
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    Aww, look at these babies crying that a mod was released for everyone to enjoy, not just a select group of even dumber babies. I think it's you guys that need to grow the fuck up, realize that once a mod is uploaded anywhere, it will continue to spread, like it or not. There's nothing you guys can do about. Well, I guess you could cry, and clearly you've already done that. You might want to stock up on tissues if you're going to cry this much.
  • You suck
    2018-11-17 16:56 Send message
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    How about some credits nitwit.... it ain't vagina or whatever your name is....
  • James
    2018-11-17 18:25 Send message
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    Lol I agree with @theabovecomments
  • Choccychip
    2018-11-18 00:53 Send message
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    yes yes yes i love it! they will never understand ever when u let a mod go to somewhere other then your computer! its no longer safe!!!!!! i will always pay for a mod just to reupload it every where for people to enjoy
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