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Ford f550 service V1
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Ford f550 service V1

F550 service truck I took Johndeer19 and blacksmoke's mod and put a service bed on it.


  • Sturdy
    2017-03-30 01:22 Send message
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    there are a lot of mistakes ! fix
  • Still needs help
    2017-04-01 14:28 Send message
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    Still needs more work, looks better but we need a good modder to take the back in blender, and define the doors better, give it a better texture, the tires and mirrors look pure black, dont see any detail. It still has a lot of potential, just wish someone would tweak it more.
  • Ryan
    2017-12-12 18:57 Send message
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    Can Some one Give The Link To The Flatbed Truck
  • Cummins01
    2018-10-15 01:49 Send message
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    Sturdy you fix them
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