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Ford Pack v2.0
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Ford Pack v2.0

Hello here I have for my Ford Pack

New in V2
Added 4 more models
TW-10 2wd
TW-35 2wd
TW-30 4wd
County 1474
Further small fixes and model changes

Are included
Ford 7710
Ford 8630
Ford TW-25
Ford 8830
County 8210
County, 1884

All have standard and wide tires of the 7710 plus maintenance tire
TW-25 and 8830 plus rear twins
All can change weights and front hydraulics except the county 1884 which has only weights
Doors and rear window via IC
Log is error-free
Hope you have fun with it
Lg schlueterfan1977

Modell: giants/schlueterfan1977
Textur: giants/schlueterfan1977
Script: giants/schlueterfan1977
Idee / Konzept: giants/schlueterfan1977
Tester: giants/schlueterfan1977
Sonstige: giants/schlueterfan1977

  • Jay_bo5 modding
    2017-05-08 02:03
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    Great tractor's the only things I nit pick on them are the 2wd front axle not as tall as should be and wrong engine note. If you want I can get some real Ford 401 N/a sounds but still Great tractor's.
  • Plowboy26
    2017-07-12 06:17
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    i installed mod and mine says it has an incorrect mod desc attribute error in the log. wont load into the game
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