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Ford pickups converted v1.0
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Ford pickups converted v1.0

here is a pack of trucks that i converted

I cannot stress this enough but I give full ownership to the main creators

  • Joseph fulker
    2016-12-22 12:11
    would have been a nice mod but when I bought my first truck it work fine up and till i went to get out of it and could not I tried to tap out still could not I have group switcher and that would not work.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-12-27 01:11
    JOSEPH FULKER the group switcher might your issue, it might be causing a mod conflict, remove both the trucks & the group switch mod, reinstall the trucks & see what happens if they work then reinstall the group switcher mod & See if it still freezes, i do not have the switcher mod, just the latest patch 1.3.1 so ill try these & see what happens..
  • Zzzzz
    2016-12-27 04:44
    tried these trucks out & they all work for me, only noticeable small issues are the landscape trucks have weird looking tail light issues & the white truck has a weird inverted camera angle, the blue one & plain black one work just fine, no door mirror glass though.
  • Lunarekk
    2016-12-28 09:32
    Thank you for converting them
  • Jim


    2016-12-29 00:29
    Lol FS2011 is over with bud. Time to create new.
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