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Ford Rollback v1.0
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Ford Rollback v1.0

I custom built this truck its awsome
Ford Dual Rear Wrecker for Farming simulator 17
Power: 220
Category: Trucks


  • Blackcat04
    2018-07-05 13:33 Send message
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    It's an OK mod, nothing special, not sure why you think its awesome, adding a winch and turning into a tow truck would be interesting, but it does get 3 woofs from me, woof woof woof.
  • Doggs123
    2018-07-06 05:24 Send message
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    thanks i need to work on it more
  • Eng51ine
    2018-07-06 07:32 Send message
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    Number 1, I don't believe you are the one who made it. Number two, all you did was take my Kenworth dually flat bed and swap the cabs with my F550...
  • Jay


    2018-08-26 22:12 Send message
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    Mkay, so first of all you don't put dual axels on the rear, it is only 1 axel in the back. And 2, this thing is garbage, needs A LOT of work.
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