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Ford Pulling truck Gas v1.0
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Ford Pulling truck Gas v1.0

Truck is a nice truck relesed it on my youtube.


  • @badass3613
    2017-06-02 19:08
    Stop modding, you're not getting better at it, you're getting worse. And your crappy edits are adding extra pages to the mod list that a person has to sift through just to get to a half ways decent mod. Seriously, don't mod anymore. Or at least, stop uploading your crappy edits
  • Badass3613
    2017-06-03 04:28
    thanks man go sub to my youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSMAtbwKhALB8-0HTjXdQQA
  • Fucc yourself
    2017-06-03 05:28
    this is horrible... just horrible... Please start learning to mod! This is shittt! True fact BIOTCH!
  • Oldironfs
    2017-06-03 06:33
    The adstrip is wrong. it says cummins when the motor is a V8. Also it needs a bake.
  • @badass3613
    2017-06-03 08:12
    This mod is just plain awful. 113mb for a poorly textured, poor modeled truck??? I don't even know what's more insane, this mod or the wannabe modder who uploaded it. Disgusting work....
  • Psmodding
    2017-06-05 00:58
    I bet all of you guys give this guy crap about his mod then download it and use in your game. I don't really care what you guys have to say about me but I just don't understand why all of the world is negative about everything. Great mod and keep up the great work!
  • Max


    2017-07-02 13:12
    Dont listen to those fools This truck is okay Though it could use some work on the lights and interior and lastly how u can make a mod like this and still have it able to be towed on the lower hitch of a Kenworth Flatbed Tow Truck or any tow truck i will never know :).Keep it up mate :3.Max
  • Ryan
    2017-07-07 20:32
    its a good mod but it makes your game lag
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