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Fortschritt E 516/517 Drescher Pack v1.2
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Fortschritt E 516/517 Drescher Pack v1.2

Modrando.com introduce yourself
the progress of e 516/517 Drescher pack before with original cutting heads and cutting car.
Unzip !!!!!! Please with WinRAR or 7.zip and paste the three files in your mods folder !!!!!

What is new to the predecessor Pack?
new paint (selectable when buying / green o. siennagrün)
IC control
more animated features
Cutting consumption increases
Pipe remains the thresh extended (x button), press the button o abbunkern
Header Trailer
Ladder can be one - and extend.

The Drescher Pack is our V 1.2 and we continue to work, so if you find errors or have suggestions, we ask you for constructive criticism and not abusive, so we can consider this in the next version.
We hope you enjoy the Drescher pack and you have fun with it.
Thanks to TondaCZ & Airvolk to DeutransPaule (OHV modding) to samari to Hewaaa to elchi and to all those involved.
Visit us nevertheless times in our Modrando Forum, as we have many other mods for you.
It is forbidden this mod new upload, even in modified form!
Please use the original download link!
It is forbidden to upload this mod again, even in altered form at!
Please use the original download link!
Draudžiama / kelti š / mod vl, net pakitusiu pavidalu!
Prašome naudoti originalus parsisiuntimo nuorod!
Zabrania si WGra th mod jeszcze, nawet w zmienionej formie!
Prosz u | ywa oryginalnego link do pobrania!
Depending zakázáno vkládat tento mod znovu, a to z m i ve n né form!
Prosím použijte Povodni odkaz ke stažení!

Modell: TondaCZ/Airvolk/DeutransPaule/samari
Textur: TondaCZ/Airvolk/DeutransPaule/elchi
Script: DeutransPaule
Idee / Konzept: TondaCZ/Airvolk/DeutransPaule/samari
Tester: RonnyG.
Sonstige: Hewaaa

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