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Fortschritt E689 + Krautschlager v1.0
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Fortschritt E689 + Krautschlager v1.0

Progress E689 + cabbage stick for potatoes and turnips!
Have fun with it!
It is a RAR file must be unpacked!
The E 686-E (electronic) is a further development of the E 686. An electronic separation system was integrated into the machine, because of a constant lack of Verlese-workers was recorded. At the same time, however, a further reduction in crop losses should be achieved. The proven X-ray principle was used for the separation of the potatoes from the admixtures. In addition, a mechanical Nachtrenneinrichtung acts to further increase the effectiveness of the separation. Especially recommended was the use of the E 686 E at locations with admixtures from about 8t / ha. With a campaign capacity of about 80 ha, between 600 and 800 AKh could be saved! The on-board service system allowed the control of important functional parameters for the separation and adjustment of the values ​​for the distinction of harvest components. A load indicator in the tractor signaled constantly whether the machine works optimally. Overloading, underloading and normal loading are indicated, whereby the harvesting speed of the machine could be continuously optimized. In order to ensure correct work, even on slopes, the separation assembly automatically stood up to 7 ° in the fall and shift line. In addition, some E 686 (the one shown on the right) also had an automatic drop height adjustment for the elevator. For this he had two "pots" at the end where the bottom of the trailer was scanned by ultrasound. With this signal, the drop height was finally controlled so that it remained as low as possible to protect the crop.

Sven(Adolf)Ehem. Wotan

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    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2JRz7gt6Jo
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