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Fortuna Kryptek Trailer 100000L v1.0
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Fortuna Kryptek Trailer 100000L v1.0

Are you ready to log in style? Kryptek camo is some of the coolest camo out right now.
Hope you Enjoy!
Kryptek Camo Pattern
Get the Matching Mountian Goat Kryptek Crawler
Please Use original link and do not upload
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BM-Modding, Lambo

  • Anoynomus
    2016-12-30 22:05
    I don't know where the hell you get 100.000 Litres its only 33000 litres take it down or fix it please
  • Not 100000 only 33000
    2016-12-30 22:07
    Fix this Mod
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-02 06:53
    Mod is fixed and awaiting approval. New download location https://goo.gl/TtZfIp
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