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Franken MAP v1.0
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Franken MAP v1.0

Here is the Franken map for you, on the map are many meadows and 61 fields
if you like, you can merge them to get bigger fields.
You can decide if you want to include the productions, just manage the fields
or livestock farming of course it is up to you how you play. You can also sell the milk yourself (STOPMILKSALE) or pick it up as usual (0 AM)
Features of the card are
Dairy Sale - Stop Dairy Sale http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=5005
ChoppedStraw - Chopped Straw MOD http://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&country=en&mod_id=56564&title=fs2017
Slurry manure Mod
- Seagewerk - boards on pallets
- Pallet plant - Pallets
- Dairy - Cheese
- Refinery - this fuel
- Compostmaster
- Forage mixing production
- Pig feed production
- Seed / fertilizer production
A special thank you goes to FREANGERSXD for release for publication! Of course, also to CoffieTV and Nastus1 who have always streamed nice and have also tested.
More thanks to Undertaker75, TheMaiky1989, Reaper828, Holli72, Beul89, W3nZl and all those I forgot.

GSI-Flash, 820-PowerLS, Fatian, Buschi, Katsuo, Agrarteam-Franken, Steffen30Muc, Basti Pickel, NKB-Modding, Modding Welt, Nick98.1, Heady, Max311, GoldFox Modding, LSMODCompany

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