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Freight train v2.0
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Freight train v2.0

Who wants to get the second version of the freight train?
There are 2 renewals!

Coloring of the handrails
(New color: red )
+ Coloring of other hardware

Increased top speed
(New top speed: 226 km / h )
+ Reinforced brakes

The mod consists of a folder with
the name "train". In this folder
You are not allowed to change files. This
could not cause the train
in the game or appears incorrect.
First, you have to ZIP ARCHIVE
"Güterzug_V2" on your desktop
After that appears on yours
Desktop folder "train".
You replace this folder with the
Standard "train" folder.
Programs (x86) / Farming Simulator 2017
/ data / vehicles
WARNING: It is recommended
from the standard "train" folder
to make a copy. If
Namely, what should go wrong,
can you again
the default "train" folder
under the above path insert.


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