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Freightliner Argosy v1.0
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Freightliner Argosy v1.0

This is a mod Freightliner Argosy i converted from Farming simulator 2015, it will work with Farming simulator 2017, I do not own this mod. Please leave any errors you find in the comments, as i have not done extensive testing on this mod, and i will look into them! Thank You!
Known Issues
- Head lights stuck on
- Tips over easily if turning at fast speed

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  • Zzzzz
    2017-01-09 22:53
    lousy edit the tire/wheels have no texture they are all white, what a real piece of junk.
  • Jaw818
    2017-01-10 01:10
    Literally the mod that you see in the picture is the mod that you downloaded, not my fault you have lousy game files
  • Idrvfast
    2017-01-10 17:18
    I had the same issue with the wheels and tires having no material on them. You asked if we found errors to let you know. Could the first commenter been a little more tactful? Yes. Still doesn't change the fact that he probably isn't the only one with the issue.
  • Wtf
    2017-01-11 07:06
    same with me tiers all white and laggy
  • Wtf
    2017-01-11 07:10
    and the camra is messed up it only looks under the truck
  • David
    2017-01-11 19:36
    I don't know about the rest yet but the camera is a easy fix if you have GE open mod in GE And Move Camera around behind The Truck At A Slight Elevated angle then resave done someone never moved camera back to behind vehicle before saving file like it is suppose to be done
  • Jaw818
    2017-01-12 00:11
    This is fixed in version 2...
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