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Frisian march v1
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Frisian march v1

Moin love LS Community,
for something of construction, the first version of my North Frisian march mod Map for LS17 is now ready.
The map is based on the North Frisian march Map of LS15 (Standard)
Landscape: North German plains map with trenches, windmills, dikes and small forests.
Fields: farmland 20 (Owned beginning 3) + 11 grass fields (all from the beginning)
Field missions are possible and train to shutdown available
On the main courtyard, the cows, chickens and pigs are housed
Better Start fleet than normal
12 sales opportunities for harvest as Railway Station, Depot, Raiffeisen, cereal port, grain trade, Heizfabrik, pulp mill, sugar mill, Oelfabrik, sawmill, bakery and BGA to unload my trailer
So far there is no further processing, the harvest is always sold directly.
I wish you much fun on the map and any error messages can be sent by me like message.
Videos about the map can be found on my Youtube channel "FedActionLetsPlay"
The map may only be published using the original download links on other sites like but please.

Idee / Konzept: dani1803 / FedActionLetsPlay
Sonstige: Die Map darf gerne aber bitte nur mit dem Orginal Download Link auf anderen Seiten veröffentlicht werden.

  • Lucky
    2016-11-18 20:43
    the author. cows and will through the wall of water to drink as in FS 15 ? beautiful card.
  • Huskerslowboat
    2016-11-18 23:06
    I think the link is broke.
  • Julien
    2016-11-18 23:34
    Merci a l'auteur,jolie map.Thank you to the author, nice map.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-11-19 03:32
    To the Author or others....I think by the they have built the FS17 game this year, the New or Converted maps are going to have to be made with Extra Wide or Large Boarders, To allow the Seeders or Harvesters to do their Turning operation. This map is a good example, as it has Ditches, Canals, Hedges, and some fields below Road level. Most of the pre-planted fields have crop growing very close to the Boarders. We are UNABLE to plant "permanent Grass around the Boarders. Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-11-19 03:48
    From above Comment.....The FS17 Game does not allow us to put in Grass, that can only be removed by Plowing it under, the way that FS15 required us to do. Now FS17 allows us to put in a field of Grass, utilize it for a period of time, then Simply Cultivate and re-seed that field to a Standard Crop. Looking for any ideas to work around this problem..Bob.Email [email protected]
  • To bob
    2016-11-20 17:53
    You can use the R5000 field delete "roller" under MISC in the store to delete field edges and turn them into grass that will make the fields smaller. When you do it this way you cannot mow this "grass" but it does allow you to make fields smaller so you can create borders on maps like this.
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