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Front tanks John Deere v1
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Front tanks John Deere v1

This is a shitty front tank made by an awsome modder Andrew Smith. Or well he thinks hes an awsome modder but these tanks look like the shittiest mods on fs. But hopefully someone will do them up nice and andrew can shovem up his lying fat fuck ass.

Andrew smith @ fuck boy modding

  • Steve5894
    2017-01-17 13:23
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    Now that is one shitty looking tank.
  • John shilliday
    2017-01-17 15:12
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    hahhahah this retard tried using polys deere sprayer to compete with joes master piece that i want soo damn bad
  • Andrew smith
    2017-01-27 18:29
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    this is enfigners work
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