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Fruit Hud Text v1.4.4.0
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Fruit Hud Text v1.4.4.0

Having trouble identifying that (multi) fruit icon?
This mod writes the generic and localized fruit name at the fruit icon.

Haben Sie Probleme mit dem identifizieren der (multi-) Frucht-Symbole?
Dieser Mod schreibt die generischen und lokalisierten Fruchtnamen in die Frucht-Symbole.

ls-uk.info, Decker_MMIV

  • Farmer
    2017-10-29 10:43
    where do we get that ad blue addon?
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-10-29 15:37
    For me it is not working. Log states it can not find "Fruit Files" Bob.
  • Pointless_mod
    2017-11-03 18:56
    Just download the install the Game Extension, does the same and more, plus show the crop type in English
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