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Peanut Harvesting v1.0
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Peanut Harvesting v1.0

None of these mods mine. You will need to unzip and than put all mods in mods folder
​I have edit sot the harvesters and heads cut peanut. I have put these together after I built the FS 17 Bates Cass County USA 6.2. The map has everything it needs for the Peanut harvesting. These will cut peanut on any map that has peanut. The dumping of the peanut will not show on other maps. because the map doesn't have the files to get this to work. It will nothing going over the converor. If you don't have peanut this does not put peanut in map.

Astropolis Modding - FS17_Holmer_TerraDos_PT4_40
GIANTS Software GmbH - FS17_holmerHR12Peanut
Mosco - FS17_Oxbo_Dump_CartPeanut- bulk you can load all crops in
chrisu70 - FS17_PeanutPack
Vinicius Hrala - FS17_RodotremRandom- bulk you can load all crops in 2 trailers
GIANTS Software/jannek1986 - holmerTerraFelis2Peanut- It has a lot of crops added to mod. I added my crops in so you use this.
Edit by jb3pc4sale for peanut and I fix the errors in the FS17_RodotremRandom

  • Farmer
    2018-05-07 09:31
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    dear god thats not how the harvest penauts so don't make that shit
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-05-07 14:24
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    I can not make the mods for harvesting peanuts. As soon as make one, FARMER. I would use it. As for now you got the choice between combine and this mod. After all this is just a game
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-05-08 14:36
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    The trailers have bulk so what ever map your playing will fill all in mapholmerTerraFelis2Peanut - fillTypes="sugarBeet potato wheat barley maize rape silage forage manure tarp woodChips sunflower soybean grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow chaff peanut sorghum corn2 sudangrass oat alfalfa clover cotton peanut blackbean"
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