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FS Winterberg V1.0.1
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FS Winterberg V1.0.1

Welcome to the Winterberg.

Version V1.0.1
Fault has been corrected. Weidetore installed.
Decoration objects.

The Winterberg was built by me from scratch and according to my imagination.
They have a farm with cows, sheep, chickens and pigs.
Crop types: standard LS17
Animals: sheep, cows, chickens, pigs.
What is there on the Winterberg Map:
-A Main courtyard with cows, sheep pigs and chickens
-25 Purchasable fields
Field missions.
- Forestry.
- Traffic and pedestrians.
- Mobile trains.
- meadows
- Gold Nuggets
-Deko Objects and animals.
I would like to thank the -Bedanken modders and scripters for the great work !! Thanks!
-Credits: GIANTS: Alex2009: PowerPeter008: TheSecretLife: Vaszis: PILI: Lucillus: ursus1234: Forgotten: Marhu: kevink98: ziczic33: and many andere.Vielen thanks!
-I I wish you a lot of fun playing.
- This Is my last work for LS.
- Your Fritz55.
- Since Where we love is homeland, where we enjoy, yard and house.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Modell: Fritz55
Textur: GIANTS:Alex2009:PowerPeter008:TheSecretLife:Vaszis: PILI:Lucillus:ursus1234:Forgotten: Marhu:kevink98:ziczic33:m4pj3cts:Blubber73:
Script: Marhu:kevink98:
Idee / Konzept: Fritz55
Tester: Fritz55

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