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FS17 Altmuehlhofen v2.0
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FS17 Altmuehlhofen v2.0

So kann ich dir endlich meinen Altmühlhofen zum Download geben.
Sie können eine kleine Karte erwarten, die mit viel Natur gebaut wurde, aber auch mit Funktionen ausgestattet ist.
Was erwartet Sie hier?
14 Felder, die verwaltet werden müssen, 2 Wiesen, 1 BGA mit dem neuen Fliegl Biomat, einem Dorf, einem Gartencenter und einem Händler sowie einem Bauernhof mit allen Tieren und geeigneten Fahrzeugen.
Da die Karte auch viel Natur enthält, können Sie auch viele Bäume fallen.
Darüber hinaus wurde auf der Karte das Sägewerk auf der Grundlage der Fabrikschrift sowie der SeedMaster2k17 gebaut.
Jetzt ein paar kleine Hinweise.
Die Holzpaletten aus dem Sägewerk, können Sie hinter dem Landhandel verkaufen. Sowie die Tiere auch.
Aufmerksamkeit! Auf der Karte gibt es keine Missionen, da diese ausgeschaltet sind.

So I can finally give you my Altmühlhofen for download.
You can expect a small map that has been built with a lot of nature but is also equipped with functions.
What awaits you here?
14 fields that need to be managed, 2 meadows, 1 BGA with the new Fliegl Biomat, a village, a garden center and a dealer as well as a farm with all animals and suitable vehicles.
Since the map also contains a lot of nature, you can also drop many trees.
In addition, on the map the sawmill was built on the basis of the factory designation as well as the SeedMaster2k17.
Now a few small hints.
The wooden pallets from the sawmill, you can sell behind the country trade. As well as the animals also.
Attention! There are no missions on the map as they are turned off.

Map designed by ferbman98, models used by Bärnd, Eribus, Steffen30muc, Niggels, Fuqart, Katsuo, Giants, Kevink98, Famer_andy, Nick98.1, and of course the ones I’ve forgotten. And thanks also to the team, who gave me tips and help. And, of course, they were also looking for errors. Also a special thanks to SyRoX, who created pictures for the map.

  • Guest
    2017-04-19 12:30
    With Chopped Straw ???
  • Mafiozos68
    2017-04-19 21:44
    Yes, it support chopped straw. Cool small map btw!!!Thanks
  • Aaron
    2017-04-20 05:45
    Where does the wool spawn? I fastforwared through the night and I had 200+ units of wool in the animal screen but did not see a pallet of wool anyplace.also the sheep buy zone markers are just under the surface they can not be seen unless you look from 3rd person camera above a tractor and then they flash.Animal icons where not showing up for me. Other than that I like the map.
  • Mafiozos68
    2017-04-20 11:31
    Well, wool pallets are placed inside the cows shed! ( ok that's a foul)Also, there is no icons for where animals are placed, no dealer icon & no dealer teleporting ( but these aren't real problems because all animals are placed in the farm & dealer is so close to the farm... You only have to discover the place once.Let's hope the author to replace the wool pallets storage place soon & give us an updated map!
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