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FS17 baleCounter v2.0
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FS17 baleCounter v2.0

Here is the original Balecounter of Eagle355th
It has been tested on dedi server and also in sp and log is error-free.
It lädet of savegame on so that the bale mängde yesterday is on the right window and the left window kan on nul who to the savegame invites nulstellen with R and this is.
The hud this mod is the same over the hud with fuel gauge and so on placed

Eagle355th for the mod for LS 15
Buster Ghost Heimann for lua and other so it's all free of errors

Modell: Eagle355th
Script:Für LS 17 Buster Ghost Heiman
Idee / Konzept:
Sonstige: Schilling modding

  • Jeff
    2017-03-03 01:38
    does it work for all balers?
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