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FS17 Bell UH1D US ARMY v1.0
3 4 0 1916

FS17 Bell UH1D US ARMY v1.0

You can hook up 2 WINCHES to the under side for logging
Get the Winches
This chopper was set up for 2 winches but I removed that for something better and that will be out in about a day.
You can have a friend ride with you. this will be update later!
Have fun with this and more mods will be out soon!

TFSG​, Rambow145

  • Issue
    2017-05-06 02:44 Send message
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    helicopter controls are backwards.
  • Pat walker
    2017-05-06 03:16 Send message
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    can some one do the agusta rescue helicopter that was my fav from fs15
  • Toro
    2017-05-06 19:23 Send message
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    Hello Witch Map is it in your Movie? Its nice and big.MfGTORO
  • Cjace08
    2017-10-06 00:26 Send message
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    good thing it does not crash i hate the mod that do and the ones that do work
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