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FS17 CaseIH Titan 4540 v1.0.0
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FS17 CaseIH Titan 4540 v1.0.0

Built to get more out of every day and pack more productive days into every season, Titan Series floaters are ready to help you make the most of your windows of opportunity. Whether you're applying liquids, granular materials, or both, you'll be riding high in a machine that's designed to meet the needs of professional applicators. It's about rugged construction. Machines with productivity improving features, the best service and support network in the industry and a legacy of leadership that puts a premium on delivering real value.

Ryan Dominator modding

  • Qcaseih
    2017-04-03 04:23
    could some please convert to fs15?
  • @qcaseih
    2017-04-03 17:56
    No, play 17 you peasant, 15 is way too old now..
  • Fs15 > fs17
    2017-04-03 19:50
    Maybe someone could name one single feature that FS17 has that can't be found in FS15. Driving trains? wow. FS15 has soil mod, FS17 has... well... it sort of has weeds. You can't see them, but they're there. And you can take a rake to them to make them go away! Sort of. Since the weeds are invisible, you just have to take Giant's word for it. And that adds a level of fertilizer by raking the weeds! Wow. FS17 is soooo worth upgrading to.
  • @fs17>fs15
    2017-04-04 00:46
    ...says the attention whore making a scene about it...
  • 17 all the way
    2017-04-04 01:58
    The only thing that I need to love 17, is the improved physics and tire pressure. Also the new sound setup is pretty awesome. It may not have soilmod, which was indeed my favorite mod of 15, but it gets way more support now.
  • Jim


    2017-04-05 01:05
    LMAO This damn game i tell ya. I don't even play this retarded game but love reading ya'll comments. Keep it up. Keeps me entertained that's for sure.
  • @dam
    2017-04-05 07:22
    I'm going to tell you about yourself. You're a backwoods hillbilly with one cheek packed with snuff. You grew up in the park. A trailer park. You wear (what used to be) a white "wife beater" style shirt. Your hair looks short in the front, but it's a little long in the back. You have an old chevy sitting on blocks that "I'm gunna fix 'er up". "Schoolin'" wasn't for you, you dropped out. Life ain't gunna git any better, little feller, yer a loooser.
  • Lmao
    2017-04-05 07:57
    is that all you can come up with LMAO stupid ass
  • Qcaseih
    2017-04-06 18:12
    geez all i was asking for is someone to convert it because i cant open up my mod folder on my mac for fs17....
  • Keefles
    2017-04-06 20:39
    nice mod but wheels are on wrong sides :)
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