Farming simulator 2019 mods
FS17 Challenger MT900E fix & Challenger MT900E v2.0
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FS17 Challenger MT900E fix & Challenger MT900E v2.0

FS17 Challenger MT900E V1 fix & Challenger MT900E V2
Challenger MT900E Hp 536 Speed 40
Both Same Origanal Hp
The FS17 ChallengerMT900E V1
Yes To overwrite.
I fix all errors in it
Washable. No Errors in Log..
If you do not like the mod after checking it out
just delete it out of your mods folder.
open the mods zip folder then copy all into your mods folder.
C:\Users\.\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2017\mods.
Credits: Eagle355th


  • Sturdy
    2017-08-29 10:01
    author: GIANTS Software,Eagle355th
  • Eagle355th
    2017-08-29 10:08
    Yes that;s how I made it Thanks
  • Silviu1993
    2017-08-29 13:58
    mod review ............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHgL0iKOoI
  • Eagle355th
    2017-08-29 16:56
    Thanks for Video SILVIU1993
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