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FS17 Championship at FarmCon 18
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FS17 Championship at FarmCon 18

The popular Farming Simulator Championship goes into the second round. At FarmCon 18, teams consisting of three players can participate in the tournament and compete for attractive prizes provided by our sponsor GIGABYTE. Of course, there will be enough space for spectators if you want to cheer for your favourite team.

You don't know what the Farming Simulator Championship is? The video will give you an insight into the game.

The task: This time each team has a maximum of 8 minutes to press 20 bales of straw and load them onto a bale cart in the middle of the field. The team that has loaded the 20 bales in the shortest time wins.

Sounds simple? If you also want to participate, register your team here and choose your playing date and time. You will then receive an e-mail from us with further details.

Please note that you have to be on site in Schwandorf and need to have a ticket for FarmCon to take part in the competition. To verify this we ask you to enter a FarmCon booking number of one of your team members. Ideally it’s the booking number of the person registering your team for the FSC.

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