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FS17 Chevrolet 3500 HD v1.0
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FS17 Chevrolet 3500 HD v1.0

This is a Chevrolet 3500 hd that I converted from FS15 to FS17 I do not know the original author but all of the credit goes to them.


  • Guest
    2016-11-01 13:44
    piece of crap!!! looks like people would have a bit of pride in their work, not put things out here that has error's that just keep on going and going and going. is no one checking these mods before posting them?
  • Guest
    2016-11-02 00:44
    already see the problem. can't even put a sentence together properly.
  • Lindjeb
    2016-11-02 02:03
    LOL Let me put some fenders on the bed of a half ton truck and call it a dually duramax lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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