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FS17 Compatible with PC, PS4 and Xbox One
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FS17 Compatible with PC, PS4 and Xbox One

The date of farming simulator 2017 upgraded version has been published. Thanks to GIANTS Company official announcement, from now on gamers are waiting for the end of 2016 very impatiently. All types will be available: Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Good news that all game versions (probably farming simulator 2017 mods too) will be released on the same day. Unfortunately, nobody knows the exact day yet. Company is not sharing a lot of information about the game too – they are saving the best for later.

In official announcement, Giants’ VP T. Frey expressed his satisfaction of collaboration with Focus company. He said that it was one of the main reasons farming simulator 17 to become so expected. According to him because of Focus, FS had a chance to gain world-wide popularity. There is a goal to connect with more people with farming simulator 2017 as well as with all other coming versions.

Gamers and FS experts are happy to get even the smallest sneak peeks of the farming simulator 17. This time it’s a picture with a tractor surrounded by the sunflowers under the blue skies. It would have been nice to hear something about the farming simulator 17 mods too!

Players are predicting about the coming game and scenarios. If the development of a game is the same as it used to be in previous versions, we can guess that there will be more options to manage a farm. Tasks probably will remain the same: planting, livestock. But the way of doing this can be very various especially with ls17 mods.

Farming simulator 2017 is becoming more official – tractor of Massey Ferguson brand can be seen in the picture. We can only guess how many different features there will be with ls 2017 mods. We are sure that you can’t wait for more information. It will be published here at the same moment we get any news. Hopefully something about fs 17 mods this time! But you probably have your personal guesses about fs 2017 mods. The time of checking them is coming soon!


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    2016-05-28 18:12
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    This is a stupid post....
  • A


    2016-05-28 21:04
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    the video is from fs15, john deere is no partner from giants (they have her own game) so it is not fs17
  • Jacques
    2016-12-23 22:33
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    i would like to see a large tow truck for xbox one
  • Carlos
    2017-02-01 21:12
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    Me gusta mucho
  • Elias
    2017-07-19 15:25
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    Valmet Ps4
  • Maciek1234
    2017-10-08 20:49
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    ja z polski gram na ps4 chcialby zeby wyszly mapy i wiecej ciognikuw prosze bo przesto gra jest nudna
  • Heath
    2018-09-05 13:41
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    I've had this game from day one and all you send me are maps. I've had enough i want MODS MODS MODS it won't let me download from here. So i have to rely on you. So are you going to help or am i not f#%&ing; good enough for you because I'm done trying to download and getting nowhere.
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    2019-03-02 03:47
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