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FS17 Dashboard v2.4
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FS17 Dashboard v2.4

What's New v2.4
NEW: Added more info to in-game mod editor: needed power, working width and lifetime.
NEW: Added 'stop search' button to log viewer.
NEW: Added backup to Equipment Catalog.
FIXED: Not entering a button label name in Mod Folder Manager would not allow it to be cleared.

FS17 utilities all in one place! Play the game YOUR way.
- Equipment Database - Savegame Editor - Available Savegames - Log Viewer - Mod Folder Manager - Fact Sheets - Mod Hub - Savegame Stats - Misc. Mod Editor - Train Editor - In-game Mod Editor and much more!

Launch FS17 from within the program. Free updates for life.
More info: https://farmwrangler.com/fs17dashboard.html
More features coming soon!
Scanned by virustotal.com. Report on web site. Runs on any version of Windows.

HighDesert Software Co.

  • Veland
    2018-03-18 07:03
    Virus in programm
  • Wrangler
    2018-03-18 20:30
    62 virus detectors say you're wrong: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/7b3577720df0593b0e6519102b8af3015844dd04e82539aa55592ec592c7772b/detection
  • Prom
    2018-03-18 20:47
    Wrangler, less virus scan and more developer certificate signature to sign net applications. You could spend some money from your profits and pay a signature.
  • Wrangler
    2018-03-18 20:48
    What profits?
  • Prom
    2018-03-18 21:16
    Excuse me if you feel bad with the word profits, was not my intentionI wanted to be constructive from my experience with .net in FS17I have made some .net for FS15 and FS17 as a secured signed application for windows.The cost of a signature is just 28$ and this will also allow you to publish it in windows store. Users will appreciate it and windows defender too.
  • Wrangler
    2018-03-18 22:16
    @prom No offense taken. I appreciate the input. This software wasn't written in .net. It was written in Delphi. I can't see a need for a signature if the software is proven to be clean of viruses. Just make sure you only download it off of my site on my server, and everything is good.
  • Prom
    2018-03-18 23:25
    @Wrangler, you are totally right, but this is not going to be enough for Windows 10 and trust applications.Virus, of course is important, and I am sure is free.However, microsoft and the users themselves, woud desire to install trusted universal Windows applications UWP.This is now achievable using the bridge system they have defined to allow you to create a UWP from a exe Delphi file . Take a look to this link.https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33791713/publish-delphi-exe-to-windo
  • Prom
    2018-03-18 23:31
    @Wrangler, the rules applied to be able to publish in windows store is like a ISO for security because it provide the assurance that the app is not able to do anything in the user computer, only in a specific folder and a person (open source developer) in the back of the program certified by a trust authority. That could be good reason to go in this direction, although is a painful process. I can help if you like to in this direction
  • Sticking up for prom
    2018-04-08 00:22
    well said mate prom is correct i use your site and other mod sites witch are safe but since my last windows up date its telling me now on some that its a untrusted site witch my harm your pc i think thats all he trying to say mate
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