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FS17 Dashboard v2.8
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FS17 Dashboard v2.8

What's New v2.8
NEW: Map Installer, accessible from the Mod Folder Managergotopage "mod folder manager" screen. This feature will copy a chosen map and mods to a folder of your choice, ready to add to Mod Folder Manager.
NEW: Added edit the folder names in Mod Folder Manager. Click on the "o" in the upper right corner of the button.
NEW: You can now print/save or add entire savegame mod list to clipboard as per request. Also, selecting a mod in the list and right clicking on it will copy just that mod to clipboard. Thanks, Flo!
NEW: Added "edit gamepad status" and "edit header tracker status" to Game Settingsgotopage "game settings".
NEW: Moved quick jump menu to top menu
FIXED: Turning weather ON in Game Settings wasn't working correctly for unzipped maps.
FIXED: Searching the log file wasn't reporting all errors.

FS17 utilities all in one place! Play the game YOUR way.
-  Equipment Catalog: Full featured catalog to store specs and images of vehicles and implements.
-  Savegame Editor: Edit your savegames to play the game YOUR way.
-  Mod Folder Manager: Makes it easy to organize and choose the mod folder you wish the game to load when it is started.
-  In-game Mod Editor: Easily change the configuration of the in-game mods included with FS17.
-  Train Editor: Easily change the configuration of the train cars in all the train systems available in a map.
-  Misc. Mod Editor: Allows you to configure popular utility mods such as Courseplay.
-  Map Installer: Copies any map along with mods to a folder anywhere. Use alongside Mod Folder Manager to create a custom button that tells the game which map and mods to load.
-  Savegame Stats: Displays all stats for a chosen savegame.
-  Mod Hub: Uses the built-in browser to access Farming Simulator's Mod Hub.
-  Available Savegames: View/delete/backup savegames as well as see which are available.
-  Fact Sheets: A collection of equipment factsheets all in one place.
-  Log Viewer: Search your game log file for specific errors. Makes it easy to fix mod conflicts, map errors etc.

Scanned by virustotal.com. Report on web site. Runs on any version of Windows. This is not a mod. It is windows software designed to enhance the game. More info at: http://farmwrangler.com/fs17dashboard.html

THIS IS NOT A MOD. It is a Windows 32bit application that enhances the gameplay in FS17. Do not put it in your mod folder. It has an installer that will install it to your hard drive.

HighDesert Software Co.

  • Confused
    2018-05-21 22:24
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    This clearly says this is not a mod. Then why is it on here? Shouldn't be somewhere he can sell his non-mod? This user is the only one requiring money for use. While all the rest of the downloads are free. just my opinion.
  • Not confused
    2018-05-22 07:13
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    Why do you care? Are you the mod police? I paid him for it and it is worth every penny. Do you expect everything to be free?
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