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FS17 Doepker Superbs v1.0
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FS17 Doepker Superbs v1.0

All credits to itisntworkingmodding for the model. I just did the ao chrome thing to some parts like the triaxle. Have fun.

Alle Credits zum itisntworkingmodding für das Modell. Ich habe gerade die ao Chrom Sache zu einigen Teilen wie die Triaxle. Habe Spaß.

Tous les crédits pour l'utilisation du modèle pour le modèle. Je viens de faire le genre de chrome à certaines parties comme le triaxle. S'amuser.

Wszystkie kredyty do itisntworkingmodding dla modelu. Ja po prostu zrobiłem coś ao chrome do niektórych części, jak triaxle. Baw się dobrze.


  • Damian
    2017-04-05 12:34 Send message
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    ignore the bad comments keep uploading mods. i love this mod
  • Badass farmer
    2017-04-07 17:06 Send message
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    Thanks for the super B's download, but the lead trailer would be better if you could hook-up other trailers to it, like the tri-axle or a flat bed. Maybe there is a way to change so the lead trailer can attach to different trailers in the xml file, but i am not sure where to find it.
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