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FS17 Kyffhauser v1.0.0.0
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FS17 Kyffhauser v1.0.0.0

Hello FS friends,
Today I present my new card FS17 Kyffhäuser.
There is the map already for the LS17 but it has changed a lot or changed everything.
I just did not like it on my old map, alone through the square fields, but were very helpful, but not a nice sight for the eye. As I said it has changed everything, from roads, dirt roads, productions to the fields just everything. But what has remained is the great forest. The Kyffhäuser map is divided into half an agricultural area and half a forest area.

Headquarters: a warehouse for wheat, barley, maize, sunflower, soybeans, rape and for the extra
fruits hops, rye, oats
a warehouse for potatoes and sugar beet
a silo for seed
a silo for fertilizer
filling station
Production for seeds and fertilizer

Animal farm: bale camp
a silo for compound feed
a silo for pig feed
a silo for grain grist
Production for compound feed, pig feed and cereal meal

Rest of the map:
Sellers: animal trade
flour mill
cogeneration plant
garden center
grain train
gas station

Productions: diesel refinery
hops garden
pallets factory

Required mods: choppedstraw, kotte universal pack (from with hose function)
A great THANKS goes to the people whose objects I can use.


  • Sadsack61
    2017-07-23 01:01
    Love the look of the map. But the missions are not working Does not show green dot in upper right hand corner can do the whole job and mission time keeps running.
  • Noah9711
    2017-07-24 06:57
    make a u turn like curve between the road and the bridge so the adjustable lowboy trailer doesn't get stuck under full load on the railroad crossing...?
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