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FS17 Mercedes Actros MP4 SLT v1.0
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FS17 Mercedes Actros MP4 SLT v1.0

The Actros has some features in it, but was still on a standard basis.
Functions are
Button 5 Speed ​​Camera Show the In Rul flashes
Button 6 Bullfänger Show where also speed cameras are installed with it
Button 7 Show platform (do not do it if a trailer is docked)
Button 8 Heavy duty coupling on the front
Keypad 7 key on the rear fading in
Button Keypad 8 Show lights Show who it is Colorful Mag
Keypad 9 Warning Panels Show
Key Keypad 4 Pahlfinger Hide and show heavy load build-up
Button x working mode at the Pahlfinger
With the mouse button the saddle plate can be moved
At the supports functioning on the Dedi server Unfortunately not the Colis (ka why)
Of course I also thank all testers who helped me.
This version of the truck is not with color choice and also not washable Please excuse me, will be in a V2 Subsequent only plant leave is around the place Until then finished version for download.
Otherwise, I wish you a lot of fun with the truck!


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