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Mi-26A Universal AutoLoad Helicopter v1.0
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Mi-26A Universal AutoLoad Helicopter v1.0

The Mil Mi-26 (Russian: Миль Ми-26, NATO reporting name: Halo) is a Soviet/Russian heavy transport helicopter. Operated by both military and civilian operators, it is the largest and most powerful helicopter to have gone into series production. The Mi-26 was the first factory-equipped helicopter with a single, eight-blade main lift rotor. It is capable of flight in the event of power loss by one engine (depending on aircraft mission weight) thanks to an engine load sharing system. While its empty weight is only slightly higher than the Mi-6’s, the Mi-26 has a payload of up to 20 metric tons (44,000 lb). It is   the second largest and heaviest helicopter ever constructed

Updates Made:
Updated textures and refined for a crisper visual.
Added UAL Autoload System
Will Hold;
48 Square Bales
55 Round Bales
23 Pallets
23 BigBales
Exported windows out into blender and made outside a tint and inside clear.

FS17 Original Creators: werik, Silak_68. DCS: World, DartShinigami, SkylineGTRFreak Lamb-Mods.com / Edits listed above

  • Ghost rider
    2018-02-01 04:45 Send message
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    After watching the 1st video, I now know how to copy and paste bales through out a plane. Later to be used with the UAL script. The 2nd video was actually loaded with pallets. Didn't see any bales being loaded. Didn't see anything being unloaded either. This is NOT a good mod. Crazy Idea: A+ . Creativity A+. You got some modding skills. I'll say that. There's a damn helicopter in FS17 ...with UAL. It's still retarded.
  • Judge trend
    2018-02-01 09:21 Send message
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    Plus they demand to subscribe to their site/forum in order to gain access to download....Thanks but no thanks
  • Toolbar
    2018-02-01 11:15 Send message
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    Dl-Link shit shit shit
  • Toolbar
    2018-02-01 11:17 Send message
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  • Oliver
    2018-02-01 13:32 Send message
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    sur gamemods 80760 mi 26 a ne correspond pas ,car pas de auto-load
  • Lambocomm
    2018-02-01 19:43 Send message
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    Just sharing... thanks for your comments!
  • Tickle
    2018-02-02 05:31 Send message
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    @ about sub to his site. why dont ye try it it i did and cheers lambocomm found a few mods there id been looking for. thanks again lambocomm
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