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FS17 Polaris Rush Snowmobile v1.0
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FS17 Polaris Rush Snowmobile v1.0

New FS17 Snowmobile Mod for PC. maybe one day Xbox...
This 3d model was found and purchased using the Fund-A-Mod program we have here at Lambo-mods and TurboSquid
Learn more about how to use this mod on the Lambo Mods site, along with tutorials on how to make edits to this mod.

Anti-flip animation
flip the snowmobile when it wrecks.
Color pickable
Design color choice
Motor choices


  • Lambocomm
    2018-02-01 22:48 Send message
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    Video: https://youtu.be/Ns_gnA_Pfag
  • Cwilliams
    2018-02-09 04:10 Send message
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    Link to download does not work or is it just my computer?
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