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FS17 seasons master v1.0
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FS17 seasons master v1.0

This mod adds realism to the game “winter, spring, summer, autumn”
There are several functions, the duration of the season from 3 to 12 days.
Snow conditions, traces in the snow.
Rains in the autumn are more frequent.
In summer there is more sun and warmth.
In winter, some work is impossible.
A wet crop – if a wet crop is turned on.

Realism Modding, theSeb, Rahkiin, reallogger, mrbear

  • Erpilas
    2017-05-09 16:22
    I was expecting this mods since I saw a review like May water ... thanks
  • Erpilas
    2017-05-09 17:24
    Перейти сосать круиз
  • Kevin reffay
    2017-05-09 18:42
    This model is a counterfeit this is not the true season master please remove it definitively from your site thank you
  • Theseb
    2017-05-09 20:08
    Hi. I am one of the developers of this mod. You do not have permission to upload this mod and it is not complete. We will be submitting a DMCA claim against your site, if you do not remove this immediately.
  • Jos kuijpers
    2017-05-09 20:09
    This is not an official release. I own the copyright and I want it removed from this website.Regards,Realismus Modding, creator of Seasons
  • Blackmodding
    2017-05-09 20:32
    Great mods ... Do not think to delete, let people download and enjoy the game with such a mod. Excellent Excellent Excellent
  • Theseb
    2017-05-09 20:47
    The mod is not finished like I said, blackmodding. This is theft of intellectual property. Also, this version of the mod is likely to corrupt your save game. theSebRealismus Modding
  • Kmw


    2017-05-09 21:21
    This mod should be deleted. It has been stolen and uploaded in an unfinished condition. The hosts of this site should have the decency to remove it and wait for the proper release.
  • Realism
    2017-05-09 21:32
    Guy!1.how you find it here ?2.Its too late many people have downloaded it andthey probably wont deleted the mod form there mods folder and in a matter of times it will start showing up on a lot of sites?3.What really is the cause of the save to crash?
  • Realism
    2017-05-09 21:33
    Guys!And i get youre problems,but at the time i dont!He gave the credits yes it might damage youre save,but how?
  • Butthurt
    2017-05-09 21:44
    look all the butthurt people in the comments. makes me laugh. why get it removed? someone else will just download it before it's removed and reupload it. or upload on a different or share with anyone they know.
  • Miki48
    2017-05-09 21:57
    No one has the rights to download this mod as it hasn't been released. You clearly don't understand the implications of this and as such you'll find that these excellent mods not being released to the wider public. There are thee ramifications but, I'm not wasting my time with your blatant ignorance
  • I<3anal
    2017-05-09 22:39
    Ever wonder why 98% of the mods here are shitty reskins or broken conversions from older games that crash your game and give you cancer? I'll tell you why - because of retarded shit like this. Competent mod-makers keep their mods private so you fuckwits can't steal them. So many great modders have already quit making stuff for the public. So in the end you will be stuck with ZORLACS purple-and-yellow re-skins of trucks from FS13, and nothing else. Fucking retards.
  • Dave
    2017-05-09 23:28
    i've been using this mod/script for the past 4 wks so nobody can say they have never seen it or have no right in downloading it
  • Dave's vagina
    2017-05-09 23:34
    I've been driving this stolen car for half a year now so nobody can say I have no right driving it!
  • Truth
    2017-05-09 23:48
    Look at all the butthurt bitches crying over a mod upload. You idiots need to accept then when you post a mod publicly it will be re shared or uploaded elsewhere. Proper credits is ALL thats required. Get over it.
  • @miki48
    2017-05-10 00:00
    i have no right to download something on the internet? fuck off dude. i download whatever is available to me on the net. i don't give a shit what lies are posted about it being released or not. if it's on the internet it's released to the public and available for download no matter who uploaded it. in fact i've downloaded it already AND if it were to get removed i'm just going to upload it myself for everyone to enjoy plus share it with some other sites.
  • @realismus modding
    2017-05-10 00:08
    I don't get it. Anyone can download this from github, so it's not like it was "stolen" you guys put it up for the world to see and use. An unusable (no install instructions) version is uploaded here and you guys get bent out of shape and threaten a "DMCA" over it. There is NO DMCA violation here. Honestly, a DMCA threat for something that is freely available to anyone that wants it anyways?
  • Nigger-faggot
    2017-05-10 00:09
    "WHA WHA I CAN SHARE NETHNG I WANT FCK U!". Sure go ahead, just don't be surprised when nobody is making mods anymore. Well except for TFSGROUP of course. Enjoy your neon turds.
  • Walls of jericho
    2017-05-10 01:18
    shhhhhh stop the whining so what if someone reuploaded a mod get over it I dunno what is up with you modders and ya whining cause someone reuploaded it simple solution don't put it on any sites if ya don't want it to be reuploaded
  • Doughboy29
    2017-05-10 02:20
  • Doughboy29
    2017-05-10 02:22
  • Guest
    2017-05-10 02:59
    fuck the mod team responsible. thats what you get for sharing your mods. it's on a public site now. if they remove it from here i'll reupload myself or i'll upload it on some other site. if those 2 things don't work i'll just share it with everyone i know.
  • Guest
    2017-05-10 03:14
    Fucking entitled millenials - would rather steal an unfished alpha and ensure the mod never gets finished than wait until it's released. You do realize this is why most of the big modders have just quit releasing mods right? No wonder everything is going to shit with short sighted, entitled brats like you. Fuck off and die plz.
  • Deltabravo
    2017-05-10 06:27
    Whoever uploaded this has NO RESPECT for people who spend days, weeks, months even years to develop a mod. It's a disgrace, you guys have no morals. It's sad and pathetic. Why not wait, until the FINISH version.
  • Miki48
    2017-05-10 07:58
    message for the administrators, delete the illegal mod please!!!
  • Claue
    2017-05-10 10:38
    i agree people need to show respect for other peoples work...... Modhub should delete this off their site
  • Pissy pants
    2017-05-10 13:16
    Copyrighted? DMCA claim? I call bullshit. Idle threats. Idiot loser modders will still make their shit. What else they got to do? Jerk off in their mom's basement. Staring into a computer screen is their whole life. Go copyright something that'll actually make you a buck. Pay your parents some rent. Bunch of panzy azz lozers. Oh and thanks for the mod. Good work. keep it up.
  • Name
    2017-05-10 15:04
    https://github.com/RealismusModding/FS17_seasons . This is the original which as stated is wip and download at own risk, so someone has and its ended up here but if you make something public to start with it will make its way to other sites as all mods do
  • Really no!
    2017-05-10 18:16
    Am im not one of the "creators of this mod" but there really is something wrong whit it,i went to change the time of the seasons,and put snow on,now i couldnt cultivate straight!!
  • Pawel
    2017-05-10 18:38
    hej mod działa super ale jak mi przechodzi z wiosny na lato to wczytuje się z pół godziny i nic tak wiem może robię coś źle????/
  • Cs gaming
    2017-05-10 19:57
  • Walls of jericho
    2017-05-10 20:00
    shut the hell up threyll get it off there when they can god unauthorized this unauthorized that kinda tiring to see whiny bitches going on and on demanding people not to do something
  • Truthbtold
    2017-05-10 20:12
    Its kind sad that this was released unfinished, but on the other hand how was it stolen ? Did your computer get hacked ? Or did someone who was on the team creating the mod steal it ?
  • Name
    2017-05-10 21:57
    Its a game
  • Bob


    2017-05-10 22:04
    I see the point of some but as the ones with a brain said its available on github, if realismus modding didn't want to see it here he should of kept it under wraps till it was 100% working without errors, so if theres anybody to blame its himself not the he or she whos uploaded here or which ever site it started on.
  • Guest
    2017-05-10 22:15
    @miki48......call removal of it all you want but i personally will either re upload it here or i will upload it on some other site. and i've already shared with as many people as i can find. it's already on github. bob is right, realismus modding is the ONLY ONE to blame. if they didn't want it to the public don't make a copy anywhere.
  • Decker
    2017-05-10 22:20
    here is an official link for seasonsmod. go there and you will have the most up to date version. we are constantly changing so be sure to check back regularly for updated versions...https://github.com/RealismusModding/FS17_seasons
  • Heepsey
    2017-05-10 23:13
    Remove this mod, This person Thomas doesn't have permission to upload it, everyone is fed up with people like this ruining mods for everyone else! Remove it and ban him!!!
  • Grizzlybearsims
    2017-05-11 00:16
    Reputable Mod Sites for Farming Simulator Modshttp://grizzlybearsims.com/reputable-mod-sites-for-farming-simulator-mods/
  • Name
    2017-05-11 01:07
    Getting boaring now its old news and if you go to AEM be prepaired to be banned if you say the wrong thing
  • Name
    2017-05-11 02:21
    hurry the hell up and release the original version and no one will upload fake ones
  • Help
    2017-05-11 03:45
    How do you use this ? I put the zipped file in my mods folder and the game crashes .
  • Huehue
    2017-05-11 05:33
    vou escrever aqui em portugues só pra vc zuar voces moleques chorões, reclamando direits autorais de uma merda de um mod que nem funciona direito e, mesmo que funcionasse não tem utilidad pratica nenhuma como o courseplay por exemplo, voces são um bando de viados chorões cheiradores de peido grdos comedores de merda.if u want to know what i wrote, just use google tradutor fag ones.
  • Allan
    2017-05-11 11:22
    de toute façon je lais suprimé car il bloque croissance des cultures la fanaison des cultures!!!
  • To who ever created this mod
    2017-05-11 14:17
    I'd really like to try this mod out but I respect you guys enough that I will NOT download it until you release the finished Mod when you are ready, if you chose to do so after this shit. I thank you for all the work you put into your mods. Keep up the great work.
  • Fetih1453
    2017-05-11 14:34
    Why am I not working?
  • Walls of jericho
    2017-05-11 16:30
    yup it does crash the game
  • True fact
    2017-05-11 17:58
    DONT upload in first place if you dont want it public elsewhere as your the only one to blame realismus modding you made your own mod/script public therefore your at fault nobody else
  • Tsbteam
    2017-05-11 20:11
    Bande de putaclik qu'ils aille se faire enculé les créateur du mod point c'est de la merde en plus
  • Tsbteam
    2017-05-11 20:14
    Au fait si vous avez un blem avec moi venez sur mon live https://www.twitch.tv/thespiritben
  • Sadsatan
    2017-05-11 20:19
    This mod must be deleted, because isnt complete!!! remove it for respect of the modders
  • Blah blah blah
    2017-05-11 20:28
    So ya ya mod stolen.. tried it out and come mid spring my fields just went to harvested :( So hurry up and get it done and release it so we can enjoy this new aspect of the game hence now I removed it from my mods.
  • Geneticjgaming
    2017-05-12 01:18
    Please remove this mod for your site. This is a pirated copy of a mod that has not been officially released. The released version will be significantly different from this inferior version. The official version will be released on Farming Simulator's Mod Hub, and nowhere else. Please wait to download a finished version of this mod and support the people who dedicate their time and talents to making a good game even better for all of us to enjoy. Thank you.
  • Walls of jericho
    2017-05-12 02:16
    omg people get the hell over it if it was a drastic thing they would of removed it damn so stop yas whining like lil girls and leave it be
  • Ben dover
    2017-05-12 04:14
    Jesus, we get it the mod is stolen, this is a risk you take when you have multiple language barriers, someone is bound to share it. Get over it, keep moving on, when you release the final version, nobody will even bother with this nor remember it. Mods come and go and change so often that it doesn't matter. Now with that being said, nice shoes wanna fuck?
  • Guest
    2017-05-12 14:08
    For those that bitch and whine about stolen mods, you might want to google the words,Public Domain.
  • Walls of jericho
    2017-05-12 16:43
    the state of belonging or being available to the public as a whole, and therefore not subject to copyright: read it and weep now thwe ones griping shut the hell up up definition of public domain
  • Name
    2017-05-12 21:30
    When a work is in the public domain, it is free for use by anyone for any purpose without restriction under copyright law. Public domain is the purest form of open/free, since no one owns or controls the material in any way.
  • Rosinsky modding
    2017-05-13 08:11
    VOUS ÊTES TOUS DES ENCULER . TSB mes couilles tes qu'une grosse merde de première.tu fait celui qui n'a peur de rien , mes en faite tu ferai mieux de fermer ta bouche.JE VOUS ENCULES TOUS BIEN PROFOND. Et VOTEZ ......LE PEN ......
  • Winze
    2017-05-13 13:00
    Look at all these comments, it's really sad to see how immature and toxic the FS community has gotten... Really getting to understand those modders that keeps their mods private
  • Grylis
    2017-05-13 21:25
    Well, this is not legal, whoever you sent this mod out to decided to leak it out. I have been using it without any flaws, so good job on it. I will not uninstall, it should be released, no major issues.
  • Frank
    2017-05-14 01:17
    "stolen" "big modders" LOL
  • Seriously? This doesn't work? I call BS on the fact mine works amazing and I ran a scan with MBAM and it found nothing. Also all of you claiming it's your mod, do you not understand basic economics? Free publicity. Just say that you're the dev or whatever and also, you uploaded it on the internet. My youtube videos have gotten put on other sites without permission and i'm not even over 60 subs. Calm down.
  • Seb24
    2017-05-14 16:28
    simplement parfait!! sauf en hiver ou ça rame et ça plante parfois j'adore!!! merci
  • Billy bob
    2017-05-14 17:33
  • Hhhgggggg
    2017-05-14 23:38
    will you please convert this mod to the mod hub where giants software gets their mods
  • Lol


    2017-05-15 20:35
    hahaha, to those who have no clue what copyright is xD That something is available on the internet for download does not mean it is free of copyright or public domain (which does not even exist in europe).So funny.
  • The real deal
    2017-05-16 12:51
    To put all minds at rest.Original modder sent the link to marhu for testing , after being sent they then uploaded a map on youtube plus this seasons link not thinking at the time, so heres a link now public on youtube for millions to look at, people sees , downloads, re-uploads not knowing it was never meant to be with this youtube testing map. Truth sometimes sucks but if you do your homework instead of accusing and fowl mouths and being racist you find out the proper information.
  • Walls of jericho
    2017-05-17 20:26
    I find it childish at that yas gonna sue someone or lawyer up over a itty mod that don't even work to be honest its crazy to beat ya selves up over a reuploaded mod theres more in life to worry about than a mod
  • Walls of jericho
    2017-05-18 07:44
    chuckles yvw people go on here to ask stuff not whine gripe and moan over a reuploaded mod
  • Carepasmoi
    2017-05-21 16:44
    not quite sure of the reason behind the hype of this mod...makes gameplay really slow as you can only plant most crops once a year...i thought the snow would be awesome but its just a pain in the ass..tried it for a few hours then uninstalled
  • Mika
    2017-05-21 18:58
    pour moi le mods est loin d’être fini ; les andains de paille et le foin qui disparaissent après la pluie sa non les récoltes ne son pas caler avec le planning ,ou le maiis qui se récolte les 2 derniers jour de l’automne ou l'ensilage qui gel dans le goder puis il faudrait q'on puisse faire le laboure au début de l'hiver puis intégrer l’humidité sur la paille et le foins pour les presse .
  • Tsbteam
    2017-05-23 22:46
    La team a TSB baise toutes vos mères le mod c'est de la merde farming c'est de la merde et vous etes tous des merdes voter crump
  • Tsbteam
    2017-05-23 22:47
    Et j'encule La renegat tv au passage
  • Erik
    2017-05-31 19:01
    This mod is stolen and it should be remowed as fast as possible from this site!
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