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FS17 Southquebec v1.0.0.1
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FS17 Southquebec v1.0.0.1

Welcome to southquebec This is a part of quebec where large meadows are made to do great farming with several warehouse and point of sale.

- fix trigger at port
- lower number wagon
- Adding and removing certain buildings
- fix hall door for open with gamepad


- This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features.
- 7 sell points,BGA etc.
- 12 fields small/medium/large.
- Forestry,sawmill area and missions all included.
- Various custom sounds across the map.


  • David
    2017-05-05 00:31
    awesome map only problem i have had is after 3 days of playing when i unload grain at the farm it disappears
  • Alex2ruote
    2017-05-05 16:24
    It would be useful to have some instructions on the map. I didn't find where to put the chaff to obtain silage. It's difficult to tell apart what belongs to the farm and other buildings.
  • Sikerr
    2017-05-06 20:30
    not working
  • Greddy72
    2017-05-12 09:26
    hello the update will be available in a few days, for storage there are sign on the edge of the wall for each type that goes into the buildings
  • Fssal
    2017-05-12 12:43
    The map is great, only problem is to find where each thing goes, hard to find !Also the other storage not show the numbers in the general inventory, hard to find out how much is in it, thanks !
  • Santo0077
    2017-05-13 18:14
    Great map, you can not sow.
  • Oowwoo
    2017-05-21 13:11
    I have a problem, when I go to the spinnery to sell Wool, I can't.In start of the game I could sell it, but now I can't :-(Great map anyway :-)
  • Oowwoo
    2017-05-23 19:49
    Problem Solve, I did a restart of the game and it work.But I got another problem, I got eggs flying over the ground and I can't pick them up
  • Ethanpet
    2017-05-24 02:32
    Hi I’m really enjoying playing this map. I enjoy the simpler things in life. Big fields, very simple to navigate, really enjoyable. I have noticed a few elements are showing but are unavailable such as plants (rye, oats, hops, etc) as well as the dairy (milk, cheese, etc) even though they show up in the seeder as well as the pricing screen. The log cranes at the train depot as well as the port do not go up and down.
  • Ethanpet
    2017-05-24 02:34
    Vehicles in helper mode tend to drive off the edges of the map and have to be reset as well as the vehicles keep getting stuck against the trees and lastly I’m having a challenge finding the main farm silo it is not clearly marked or stated.
  • Ethanpet
    2017-05-24 02:35
    I just found the farm silo to the north east of the farm property unfortunately the unloading dock doesn’t seam to be connected to the loading dock. I’ve just spent the past 2 days stockpiling my produce and now i am unable to retrieve any of it. The unloading dock accepts all products including straw, beets etc is that right
  • Ozz


    2018-07-27 20:24
    Hi, I really enjoy this map but I have big problem. I cant feed my sheeps... Anyone have this problem?
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