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FS17 Vineyard v4.0
1 4 1 2014

FS17 Vineyard v4.0

Hello LS community,

Version 4.0
Fix; paletten werden nun mitgespeichert
ständiges mitloggen des Geldverkaufs in log.txt behoben
clear areas an keller angepasst
Geldbetrag im Verkauf angehoben

I hereby present to you the vineyard.

a big thank you to the Wingi me. with Council beistand.Sonst I were in one way or another thing already desperate

For vineyard now:
1: You need a big flat box (purchased) to the mountain to build können.Dafür costs the mountain nothing that you put him wise and place can, have the maintenance so Bisle angepast.Möchte read no whine, goes net etc ..
2: You fill as manure, fertilizer and water on to the respective trigger.
3: Harvesting can you with any trailer, which would but I rather recommend a small to verwenden.Ihr can go through if their R recharging manually pressed, the automatic jerky yet, müst test their itself between the vines.
4: The grapes can be stored (tilt), and in each store currently sell the where wheat has .For current wheat price.

Whether I is weiterbaue to you as it is believed.
I work dranne he better placeable ist.Vorerst must go that way.

So now I wish much fun
Cordial greetings Susi

Einen großen herzlichen Dank

Modell:giants, susi
Textur: susi/ ferbman98
Script: mahru,kevin98
Idee / Konzept: susi
Tester: susi,wingi,Bernd,sven
für den Stromverteilerkasten
Von: BlackSheep(RC-Devil) und für

Verbaut von Icecold : fiktiver Taschentuchspender für VerNOOBdesign

Weinhaus El_Cid

  • Gatsby
    2017-04-11 08:53
    Greetings;When opening a game with mode, why is it stuck on the loading screen? I was stopped afterwards.Thank you.
  • Rayamo
    2017-04-11 14:58
    @gatsby: During stealing, Thomas forgot to translate the most important parts of the mod description. Susi25, the moder, was describing the facts I wrote about in the former comment very detailied.
  • Wtf


    2017-04-11 17:57
    @Rayamo Please post here the link of the original
  • Rayamo
    2017-04-11 22:26
    @WTF: https://www.modhoster.de/download/vE2Bg. On the page please click onModhoster-Highspeed Download. This is thelink on version V4.1 of the vineyard. And here is the link to be able to choise the verion: https://www.modhoster.de/mods/weinberg--2. I hope, you are speaking German, the original and the description are in German only.
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