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FS17 Bates Cass County USA Grass v6.5
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FS17 Bates Cass County USA Grass v6.5

Grass version 6.5 Added grass to 23 fields and along all streets and in and around buildings. To get this you will need to start new game.
Final version 6
Continue your saved game. I have been playing with same saved game you should be alright.
In this last final version I have added water trough addon, peanut, environment dynamic_day_night, Molasses Factory, Fementers also take alfalfa, clover. Added second sheep pasture.
More info signs around map. Fix 1 traffic spline south at overpass. All crops and molassesMeal, silage can be sold at all elevators, Safeway sell molasses, meat, and sausage.
Feed sold at all elevators.
Mods included: FS17_AloeFrontladerTools,FS17_AnimalAnimal2TrailerPack added cow2, pig2, and sheep2, FS17_BsM_Semi_Bale_50000 works with Cotton Bales, FS17_JCB435s_Ballast_Set,weights for wheelloader, FS17_Pallet_Extension, Lime added.
version 5
You will need to start new game. Cotton has been added to wheat, barley, rape, maize, soybean, sunflower, potato, sugarbeet,
oat, corn2, sorghum(milo), sudangrass, alfalfa, clover, and now cotton. I have added FS17_AloeFrontladerTools to download 1 has
been edited to except the big cotton bales. select Round wraped
A lot of new projects to do on top of already a great map. You now will have 2 dairy farms and 2 pig
farms with there own cows and pigs. The second dairy farm lays strait south of main farm and the second pig farm lays to
norht. They are both show up on PDA map. I have added a Bio Food Factory that produces, cowFeed, pigFeed, sheepFeed, horseFeed,
and MPF(Milk Production Feed).MPF is power food for dairys. You still have distillersCorn, digestate1 for poweFood. I have
the production of Molasses. If you have the strawAddOn mod than you can get your molasses. Molasses can be sold at
the Safeway stores. All the different types of feed can be sold at all the Elevators. Next to the BioFood I have storage
silo for all feeds. I have a storage for molasses and fuel there too. I have a Cotton Factory so you can sell bale and
loose cotton there for a better price. You can dump other bales there. The Bio food and the Cotton Factory shows
on PDA. I have moved the poles at the main farm to give a more room to turn around. I moved pole in placeable area.
I added a clothes factory you can sell loose cotton and cotton bales is added to factory just as the loose cotton.
Across the street you can sell clothes at the Dollar General store. The cow2 and pig2 can not be transported by train
at this time and cannot put them in holding pens yet. Added pallet factory and sawmill that produces boards for pallet
factory. Across the way is the sell point for boards and pallets.
 This is the Revised 4.0 version I have added back the crops. wheat, barley, rape, potatoes, sugarBeets, sugarcane, maize, sunflower, soybean, corn2, milo, and oats.
I have fix the straw in pig and cow areas and I could not find the egg sell points so I added them to safeway stores.
In version 3 replaced the download to have the issues fix so if you need to have those fixed, just re download and you will be good to go. It wasn't enough to warrant a re post.

Version 3: Courseplay now working, strawHarvestAddon compatable, alfalfa and clover added back  to storage, sell points, fermenters and silos.
helio port fix placeable next to main farm. Fields was 81 now 79. Added forage mixer, Pig food uses corn, corn2, soybean, milo, wheat, and oats.
This map is a map for farmers, you can only farm and raise livestock
The map is a Mills County reinvented. I have turn the map 90 degrees, now the interstate runs North to South or South to North depends on which end you start from. I have edited the map somewhat like the  FS17_Tazewell_County. I have only the crops, wheat, corn, milo, sudangrass, corn2, soybean, and oat. It set up just like we have planted in this area. The storage and sell points only except those crop. I have only those crops show up in the crops that the fields that are buyable. I have decided not to have clover and alfalfa in this map because at this point I'm not able to get everything I wanted to happen with 2 crops. I have added to the sheep more types of feed to be able to feed to them, You can feed corn, corn2, milo, silage, chaff, distillerCorn, and digestate1. Since most of the crops that make the TMR and pig food have been removed from list of crops. I put in the distillersCorn and digestate1 for powerFoods, You will be able to feed to cows, pigs, and sheep. I have put in mod Train in map now you won't have to mess with game files. It works the same as before when you have the train in game folder. Each map can have a different locomotive and it doesn't effect the mp. I have the train to transport the livestock to holding pens close to butchery. In all the map is a lot different than it was and still with rolling hills. It is seasons ready
Multi angle terrian. GMKFC_Mod ChoppedStraw added in map The mods you can make game better FS17_CS_DirectSeedingAddon,FS17_Kalk_BigBag, FS17_RM_Seasons mods

Mills County - Blueweb (I have permission to use.)
modtrain JB3 MODDING
all farm fenceing and sheds for maps is by: sandgroper
Pioneer and dekaulb pallets textures by jb3pc4sale
other seed pallets and fertilizers by SF_unpack_me by Wellano920
Danke an alle Modder white hogs
fenceing by: (C) All Rights Reserved - Sandgroper 3rd June, 2011 added barbwire, jb3pc4sale
Union Pacific 8774 by sixgun
railroad_track_set Based on model and textures © 2016 GIANTS Software GmbH. Edited by estyx.
CBJ Midwest Modding american buildings 48x80SheepfBarn 48x82CalfBarn 50x80Barn 56x72Shop_17 72x150_Building_FS17.
Craig: Modeling Details, Texture, and Ingame 120x110FreeStallBarn LiveStockSaleBarn_FS17
Brent: Base Model
Justin: Building Dimensions and Concept
Karmarj: Steel Diffuse Textures
Giants: Straw
If I forgot anybody I'm sorry.

  • What for
    2018-04-06 23:58
    still a top map to the cry baby who wants grass its simp do what i did learn how to edit i did and put grass on my self job done. to map maker keep up the top work mate
  • Serega
    2018-04-07 07:21
    Oh shit. Why fences near the fields?
  • Hmadsen
    2018-04-07 19:38
    BatesCassCountyUSAGrass/animals_scripts/AdvancedAnimalTable.lua:78: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'animalSliderPos' (a nil value)
  • Akthesavag
    2018-04-08 10:36
    Holy shit, Versions keep coming out after the "Final"? And there's grass now?Someone put their big boy pants on this morning!
  • Eazyman
    2018-04-08 18:07
    Please remove the fences
  • Serega
    2018-04-08 20:36
    @EAZYMAN solidarity with you
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-04-08 20:46
    NO, more editing for you all. You all learn how to edit the map to your liking, or live with it as it is. I have added compost facility, remove the barb fence and added buy points for lime, fertilizer, straw, grass, forage, manure. AT this point I'm keeping the map private. Thanks to you all I have decided not to post anymore of the map.
  • Akthesavag
    2018-04-10 01:08
    Maybe you should have released ONE or TWO versions of the map. Not 90. You brought it on yourself....
  • Mradidas29
    2018-04-11 18:10
    Straw can not be dumped by the cows.
  • Xethm
    2018-05-06 17:25
    I love this map, the few things I don't like, I have taught myself to use editor!
  • N8


    2018-05-15 05:37
    cant get either of the sawmills or clothes factory to load any finished product help pls?
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