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FS17 Dodge ram d250 bed v1.0
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FS17 Dodge ram d250 bed v1.0

Rambow 145 made it all i did was put the bed on it.
Authors: GIANTS Software Duramax Nation modder, King Merk, FsFarmer11, Richwoodrocket (conversion to FS17), Rambow145, Red Neck Gaming.

GIANTS Software Duramax_Nation modder, King Merk, FsFarmer11, Richwoodrocket(conversion to FS17), Rambow145, RedNeckGaming

  • Gross...
    2017-06-22 21:18
    In a nutshell. Seriously, just yuck.
  • Rambow145
    2017-06-22 23:21
    This truck does not work nothing in the i3d? Did something go wrong? I am going to fix this and post it on my site k
  • Zzzzz
    2017-06-23 00:47
    thanks Rambow145 ill wait & get this from your site can you also make the winch work just like the log winch on your site that would be sweet.
  • Duramax
    2017-06-23 01:23
    Thanks for making my stuff look like shit.
  • @duramax
    2017-06-23 04:25
    duramax, all your stuff looks like shit, as if you needed help to make something look like shit
  • Rambow 145
    2017-06-23 04:37
    That's fine i tried but don't know what i did i put the bed on it and it crashed the i.3d
  • Rambow145
    2017-06-23 07:38
    @Fake Rambow 145 stop before something bad happens to you using My Company name Rambow145 And the truck is done and will be up loaded later I had to make the bed from nothing.
  • Gay shit
    2017-06-24 16:26
    Learn to bake and ao please, this is udder garbage.
  • Psmodding
    2017-06-28 17:17
    Wow, ummmmm........
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