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FS17 Farming Legend v1.1
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FS17 Farming Legend v1.1

Hello Com
Everything like the V1
Have pedestrians & Traffic
Greeting Wanderer01

Hallo Com
alles wie bei der V1
habe Fussgänger u. Verkehr verbaut
Gruß Wanderer01


  • Wanderer01
    2017-06-21 20:35
  • Ryper
    2017-06-21 21:02
    une grosse merde
  • Sdl


    2017-06-21 21:31
    une grosse merde de+++++ Bon pour la poubelle !!!!
  • Johannes visser
    2017-06-22 09:11
    @ Ryper and SDLCan you do better.........??????
  • Wanderer01
    2017-06-22 09:31
    Ryper and SDL are playing the Ls since the Ls 2015 play and as I or other Ls have been playing since 2008, so I do not take the two for full, if you have no plan of Ls, simply keep your mouth shut.Wanderer01
  • Allan
    2017-06-22 16:44
    en plus menteur pas de piƩtons 2 voiture seulement ils on raison poubelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Donnie
    2017-06-23 02:49
    needs mud and I don't see nothing differ on the map
  • @donnie = gay fag
    2017-06-23 05:22
    y u so ghey? nothing needs mud jackassss.
  • Fernand24
    2017-06-23 17:18
    Hello everyoneThis map is a plagia of the official map "FS17 Farming Legend" of which I am the creator, map exclusively on the "Official Modhub of Farming Simulator.This map is currently at almost 200 000 DL on the Modhub dis.Thanks to the little fun who amuses to modify the work of others.Fernand24
  • Rommel
    2017-06-25 05:20
    Is this an official Nazi map? Thank you
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