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FS17 Fight Cancer Trailer Bulk v1.0
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FS17 Fight Cancer Trailer Bulk v1.0

FS17 Fight Cancer Trailer Bulk 200,000 liters
Help To Fight Cancer! No errors in log.
Credits: Giants Software / Eagle355th / Aaron6446

Giants Software/Eagle355th/Aaron6446

  • Getitright
    2018-05-27 15:33
    So, your doing all these pink vehicles for "cancer awareness", but you clearly do not understand that pink / pink ribbons are for "Breast Cancer Awareness" and not General Cancer awareness. If your going to promote a cause, get your shit straight! You've shown how uneducated you are on the subject. Lavender is the color for General Cancer awareness. Smh. https://doitandhow.com/2011/07/14/cancer-ribbon-color-chart/
  • Randy
    2018-05-27 20:20
    Hey getitright, The man is doing something good. What do you do , other than criticize???
  • Getitright
    2018-05-27 21:42
    RANDY, Yea, he might have the right intentions with all these pink colored mods, but again, if your going to raise awareness for a cause it would help to do it...oh i dunno.....the proper way! Not a hard concept to grasp. Also, why not put proper ribbons on them instead of being half assed and just making them pink. Make them mean something and do it right. Cancer sucks, and I wish no one had to deal with it and I'm all for doing awareness mods but done the right way.
  • Getitright
    2018-05-27 21:44
    This is the first of all these pink mods done by Eagle that ive seen have any type of ribbon for the record. Great for Breast Cancer awareness.
  • Eagle355th
    2018-05-28 03:13
    I'm done with the pink Time to move on/..... I know it is for good cause and I do support all Cancer stuff so Have a good day and enjoy the game....
  • Dick
    2018-05-28 16:20
    ok, i can see respect for people with cancer. it is a terrible disease. but what the actual fuck? stop doing EVERYTHING in pink and shoving it down people's throats. cancer awareness is great but we don't need to eat, sleep, and breath it. stop with the pink mods already. its becoming more a sign of someone diagnosed who can't accept the situation and move forward with their lives.
  • D


    2018-05-31 00:40
    If YOU had cancer and was dying, you would be thinking very different shitbags.
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