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FS17 kroeger TKD302 Crowmodding v1
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FS17 kroeger TKD302 Crowmodding v1

Here we have the KroegerTKD302 trailer with paint options.
Lower Frame textures are now black, but we have 2 options for the tipper frame, white or black?
Each has the option to paint the panels, wheels and tarp. (Design color is for the tarp).
Also added new hitch in the back and can now hook all trailers.
See pictures!
My log is error free.

Giants, Crow Modding

  • Fs17 journal
    2016-11-19 22:47
    WHY WHY WHY, the one in the game is HD... You wasted time on nothing
  • Crowm
    2016-11-19 23:14
    Fs17 journal, what do you mean HD? One in game gave you 4 color options, this one give you all, and more options. I didn't waste my time, I did what I wanted. Sorry you don't like it, can't please everyone.
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-20 04:43
    Crow - don;t listen to the little entitlement kids. They feel like they HAVE to download everything on the internet like they have a gun to their head or something.Color choices are what I have been seeking in this size of tipper, so I thank you and will definitely check this out.Oh ... and FYI ... "Journal" is not right in his name because anyone who runs a journal does their research, and any basic research shows there is NOTHING HD at all with anything default in the
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-20 04:52
    Huh. My last comment got cut off. Ah well. But yeah nothing is HD in the default game - ever. never has been and never will be. I checked out this download and this looks better, and the options are awesome, so- again - thank you for this upload.
  • Tim121672
    2016-11-20 08:46
    Very nice mod, Good to have some color in them there trailers
  • Crowm
    2016-11-20 20:48
    Faelandaea I fully agree, and Tim121672, glad you guys like it.
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