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FS17 Krone Big L500 v1.0
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FS17 Krone Big L500 v1.0

FS17 krone Big L500 v1
Speed 35 620 HP Washable
Working on the NewHolland Pack to do Grass.
Taking sometime but almost ready! Log is Error free..
Have Fun Enjoy! There is more to come!
If you do not like the mod after checking it out
then just delete it out of your mods folder.
Unpack open the mods zip folder then copy all into your mods folder.

GIANTS Software GmbH, LS13: edited by usxi7sd, LS15: Jaison Edited byCarolinaBoy,convertedtoFS17byWinston9587,Edit Repaint By Eagle355th

  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-03 12:17
    100,000 Liters
  • Fsgame
    2017-06-03 15:14
    Merci pour ce mod
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-03 20:05
    Your Welcome It's not mine I repainted it. I adjusted some of the speed and Brake ForceSo when you mow if it's going 35 mph you can control the speed while mowing. The Horse Power is actually 692 I am Working on a Krone BM500 Mower update in future. Some friends are helping me get it fixed.. Have A Good Day
  • Vegueta
    2017-06-04 09:32
    nice mod
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-04 10:02
    Thank You! I've been trying to get this one to do Dry grass too. That would be cool!
  • Alex
    2017-06-04 12:57
    Thanks, I've been waiting for this mod for a long time. Please do not drop! Mod is not stable :( (Sorry google translator)
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-04 12:58
    Your welcome The credits GIANTS Software GmbH, LS13: edited by usxi7sd, LS15: Jaison Edited byCarolinaBoy,convertedtoFS17byWinston9587,Edit Repaint By Eagle355th
  • Alex
    2017-06-04 13:10
    It does not unload on triggers, at filling ~ 80% does not go to the front. (Sorry google translator)
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-04 13:37
    I can't control that sorry..
  • Farmermedic
    2017-06-04 14:37
    Not having any problems so far! Great mod, been hoping someone would convert this mod for awhile. Do you have a website or FB page for your mods, you do good work! Thanks!
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-04 21:14
    No I don't. I just make them from the Giants and upload them...
  • Beejaynz
    2017-06-05 05:14
    Great work again guys, any plans to convert the "krone ultima" ??
  • @alex
    2017-06-05 05:14
    That means you are using a MAP that the Triggers have not been corrected. Works fine in maps I have, but when it doesn't, you just have the edit the trigger for the correct grass type in the Krone. Match the crop type in the krone, add to the trigger in map. works like a champ 100% of time.
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-06 02:55
  • Warondar
    2017-06-07 00:21
    Thanks EAGLE355TH. Always enjoy your mods.
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-07 09:18
    Your welcome I'll do better next time lol
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-08 11:09
    All Right Awesome!
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-10 20:23
    My Wife said that's her job LMAO
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-25 07:09
    Trying to make this so can Hire worker..
  • Eagle355th
    2017-07-06 12:50
    When using alot of mods DO NOT USE the Light Addon and the 4REAL MODULE 01 or Console extension mod They will cause conflicts with other mods When you don't use them alot of mods will work for you.. I hope this helps alot of people.. Have A Nice Day!
  • Eagle355th
    2017-07-09 23:11
    Someone had asked me to make this in Camo So I did I'll be uploading it today! I'm making a big Camo Pack Like I had in FS15
  • Criss20
    2017-07-16 19:46
    EAGLE355TH Tell. I wonder why this mod does not work as it should. In particular, reverse gear occasionally jams and sometimes works and sometimes zero reactions.
  • Eagle355th
    2017-07-19 20:13
    I believe because it's too many litersI myself would use only 50000 liters it won't do that at all. I could up the Hp That would help but the speed keep the same..I know that would work better.
  • Criss20
    2017-07-20 13:14
    @Eagle355Th Ok thanks for the suggestion and idea. And are you able to fix it anyway?
  • Criss20
    2017-07-21 22:42
    doesn't work reverse shift gear
  • Eagle355th
    2017-08-10 08:24
    I can Try!
  • Eagle355th
    2017-08-10 09:02
    I'm going to fix the reverse...
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