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FS17MOD FordF250 KingRanch With lights
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FS17MOD FordF250 KingRanch With lights

It was a shame that the mod creator or converter did not put all the lights on just the work, this great mod deserves to be finished, good work by the model of the vehicle to the creator or mod converter.
All the lights have been added.
The images of the vehicle store have been added.
The price of the sale of the vehicle has been lowered, at a reasonable price in the store.

Creator: Unknown
Lights placed by: Farmer.

  • Killertank09
    2016-11-14 23:02
    cant tab or arrow key out of the truck and cant get out of it at all please fix it
  • Trump
    2016-11-15 04:10
    Broken mod. Needs fixed.
  • Jimmyblues
    2016-11-15 08:20
    Works exactly like a ford....it doesn't. Crashes my game when I load just this mod into a new map I have to force close the window and the logs are filthy.
  • Name
    2016-11-15 19:37
    The mod has been tested in different maps and works correctly both the lights, as the filling of the fuel and the filling of the seeds, have made the proof of the registration of the vehicle and the error comes from a script that has nothing to do with The lights of the vehicle.
  • Killer666
    2016-11-15 19:51
    Si ustedes dicen que el mod está roto no lo descarguen, está muy bien criticar el trabajo de los demás, si tanto saben del tema solucionen los errores ustedes mismos, a mi personalmente no me ha dado ningún problema, el vehiculo es totalmente funcional.
  • @platinum_scorpion (ig)
    2016-11-25 20:21
    we need a good super duty in FS17.... hint hint.... any takers ;)
  • Rob


    2016-12-02 00:31
    This mod needs a lot of work. Cannot exit the truck it does nothing. Crashed my game.
  • Trucker
    2016-12-03 21:39
    offspring gamings work
  • Wil


    2017-03-14 14:58
    Sorry but it does't work. Won't start won't run at all. And can't exit the vehicle either.
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