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FS17 Travis Classic EndDump v1
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FS17 Travis Classic EndDump v1

I went and converted the FS17 Travis Classic EndDump. I didnt even make it of convert it some else did and like everything else i stole it.


  • Fuct'd modding
    2017-03-07 12:22 Send message
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    your welcome! Credits Travis Dietz for the original 15 mod and converted to 17 by myself (FuctD Modding)
  • Eric smith
    2017-03-08 03:34 Send message
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    Thanks for downloading my awesome mods, if would want me to release more of my work. Feel free to send me Large Dildos and bongs. Man I can't get enough of them thanks. Like I always say Get Fuct D!
  • Iceman
    2017-03-10 15:27 Send message
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    dont you idiots test anything before you release it?the truck catches on the dolly legs and wont turn.another usless mod.
  • Iceman
    2017-03-11 18:14 Send message
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    this only works with single axle trucks
  • Urmom
    2018-10-18 02:43 Send message
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