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FuelTrailer v1.0
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FuelTrailer v1.0

This is a fuel trailer that can be used to refuel in the field or parked at your farm to serve as a fuel station. It has a capacity of 
7500 gallons (28400 liters). The price is 17000 with a daily upkeep of 10. It can be refilled at any default fuel station on your map or 
with a fuel tote. When filling with a tote you will need a front loader or telescopic loader to place the tote over the trailer. It functions 
the same as the Thunder Creek fuel trailer from Giants.
It will be much cheaper than buying from fuel station. The trailer is washable and the tank has no collision.

Trailer and triggers:
Tank : JohnDeere1952
Tetures CadHatch and pintrest

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    mod video here...............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzohlVFUCdg
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