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G Paradise Farm v1.0.0
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G Paradise Farm v1.0.0

G Paradise Farm is a map made by Basildon Blues Modding map is in honour to a very special map creator. With 5 special land marks, and 5 special easter eggs based in the field. G Paradise Farm gives you a detailed scenery, lots of storage room.


Basildon Blues Modding

  • Wow


    2017-08-30 03:01
    Some mature ones here. Don't cry when all the creators stop releasing to you brat kids.
  • Semp
    2017-08-30 08:15
    Bill is one of the most respected modders in the FS community and has personally taught me many things about mapping and modding. This is just insulting and a load of crap.
  • Haha
    2017-08-30 23:52
    Bulletbill talks rubbish and tries to make people sorry for him. Same with WBF (Chris7710). Whilst mods make bulletbill money, he'll do maps and have kiddies feel sorry for him!
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